The battle just begun!


Metanium started up with Marvin Serrano and Juan Carlos, back then the band was known as "Metal Chain". They perform a few shows but suddenly the things didn’t work out. Few days later, Marvin contacted Alex Torres to play guitar, then recruited Johnny on drums and Pablo on bass. "MEGALORD" was born, they did a couple of shows, but again, there was another problem, the chosen name was already used by another band.
After a couple of gigs and recordings at the studio (Alma de Guerrero/La Marcha Vikinga) Pablo left the band. Johnny brought a new bass player, Sandra Guillen.
With the new bassist on board the band needed a new name. They came up with “METANIUM" by combining the words Metal and Titanium, and finally they were ready to rock and roll.
In late 2009, the band recorded their first demo with four songs, doing few more shows for a while. Having in mind a full album, after four years, Metanium finally accomplished it. Their first album "ALMA DE GUERRERO" was released on 2013.
In 2014 the band takes part of a cd compilation under the label “Imperative Music”, sharing one track from their debut album.
And the battle just began…!